What Is Microchipping?   

What Is Microchipping?  

Jasmine is my wonderful, adopted shelter pet.

She is now becoming famous because of her protagonist position in my children’s picture book, Maddie and Jasmine.

I love her very much.

She was microchipped at the animal shelter, and she has a certificate.

Her number is OA132B####.

A pet microchip, a tiny electronic device placed beneath a pet’s skin, contains the owner’s contact details and can be a lifesaver for a cherished animal companion.

What Is Microchipping?  

Think this sounds exaggerated or overly dramatic?

Well, it’s not.

Let’s talk about a true story that happened to a cat ( and we’ll call him Cat).

Cat was one of seven kittens born in Sacramento and was raised in a wonderful family home.

Cat soon became the apple of the family’s eye.

However, when he was three, he went missing.

Despite the owner’s extensive efforts — from putting up posters to contacting animal shelters — beloved Cat seemed lost forever.

Unbeknownst to the family, Cat had journeyed 40 miles to a different town, finding refuge with a kind elderly lady.

For six years, he stayed with her until she passed away.

When Cat was subsequently taken to a shelter, his age of nine made him a candidate for euthanasia.

But fate intervened.

The shelter staff scanned him for a microchip.

A beep sounded and a number flashed on the scanner, leading them to the pet microchip registry and eventually to the original owner’s contact information.

The original owner was in disbelief when she heard the voicemail from the shelter.

Cat was missing for six years, and he was alive!

The heartwarming reunion that followed was a testament to the bond they shared.

The owner noted, “Cat’s still our lovable cat, just a tad older.”

Cat’s microchip, in essence, granted him a second chance at life.

Why Should You Consider Microchipping Your Dog or Cat?

You might wonder, “Isn’t a collar with an ID tag enough for my pet?” or “My pet doesn’t wander, so why bother?” or even, “Isn’t microchipping painful?”

Let’s talk.

Certainly, an ID tag on a collar is beneficial.

It’s a straightforward way for someone to quickly access your details if your pet strays from your side.

But what happens if that tag falls off, gets damaged, or the writing fades?

And what if your cat’s collar snags on something and is left behind?

A microchip serves as an enduring safety net in such situations.

Training your pet to respond to commands, especially “come,” is commendable and can potentially save them from dangerous scenarios.

However, pets are unpredictable.

A dog might get tempted by an interesting scent and stray, or a cat might dart out the door unexpectedly.

They might not always heed your call in these unexpected situations.

A pet might get spooked by fireworks during specific holidays and run away.

A microchip can act as your backup to ensure their safety.

As for the concern about pain, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the discomfort of microchipping is comparable to a regular injection.

The needle might be slightly larger, but the procedure is swift and doesn’t require surgery or anesthesia.

It can easily be done during a standard vet appointment.

Additionally, research indicates that microchipped pets are significantly more likely to be returned to their owners.

For instance, a study conducted by The Ohio State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine revealed that among a national sample of animal shelters, dogs with microchips had a return-to-owner rate that was 2½ times greater than that of all lost dogs! [Source: Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association; July 15, 2009; Vol. 235, No. 2].

Those are odds I’d certainly wager on!

Animal microchips use radio frequency technology.

Encased within this grain-of-rice-sized device is a miniature radio receiver and a transponder.

When a microchip scanner interacts with the microchip, it sends back a distinctive code—essentially the identity number of the microchip.

When pets, like Cat, end up lost and are brought to animal shelters or veterinary clinics, professionals there use these scanners to check for the presence of a microchip.

If a microchip is detected and its unique code obtained, it can be cross-referenced with several databases where the microchip might have been registered.

These databases maintain records like the pet owner’s name, phone number, address, email, and even the pet’s name.

If a stray pet is found and scanned successfully, and the owner’s details are retrieved from the database, a joyful reunion can take place.

It’s essential for pet owners to keep this database information current to ensure the pet microchip registry is promptly and properly informed.

When people move, one of the first things they do is notify the post office of their new address.

Updating your pet’s microchip information is just as important.

Where Do Pets Get Microchipped?

Typically, veterinarians or animal shelters place the microchip beneath the skin, right between the shoulder blades of both dogs and cats.

This location is chosen because it minimizes the chances of the chip moving to another part of the animal’s body.

Additionally, this standardized location ensures that shelter workers or vets can easily locate and scan the microchip.

The professional administering the chip uses a 12- to 15-gauge needle for the procedure.

It’s a painless process for pets, much like getting a vaccine or any other injection.

However, there might be minor side effects, such as slight tenderness at the site of insertion.

Several manufacturers offer microchips for pets, each maintaining their individual database of owner names and contact details.

When you microchip your pet, whether at a vet clinic or shelter, you’ll receive instructions on registering your pet with the respective microchip maker.

Additionally, there are specialized pet recovery service organizations where you can choose to list your pet’s information.

Getting Your Pet Microchipped: Here’s How

Microchipping your pet is a straightforward process.

Simply schedule an appointment with your trusted veterinarian and bring your furry friend in to get chipped.

Additionally, some shelters or even local businesses might offer these services.

Understanding the Cost of Microchipping

The price for microchipping your pet can fluctuate based on your location, but on average, it’s around $50.

Besides the initial cost, there might be a one-time or annual registration fee for the microchip database.

Before deciding on a registry, explore the services they provide, and evaluate their advantages and potential downsides.

After all, you’re making a decision for your cherished four-legged companion, so choose wisely!

Typically, shelter pets up for adoption are already microchipped and registered.

What Is Microchipping?  

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) offers an online tool to assist agencies in identifying a chip’s maker.

Here’s a compilation of microchip providers and pet recovery services that participate in AAHA’s comprehensive database:

24PetWatch Pet Protection Services – 866-375-7387

911Pet Chip & Free Pet Chip Registry – 888-546-7615

ACA MARRS – 800-651-8332, 800-992-0571

AKC Reunite – 800-252-7894, 919-816-3753

BC Pet Registry – 855-622-7722

BeKind PetFind – 800-463-6738

BuddyID – 800-434-2843

EIDAP – 888-346-8899

Furreka – 844-387-7352

HomeAgain – 888-466-3242

Homeward Bound Pet – 844-543-4663

Identrac Inc. – 877-906-3030

InfoPET – 800-463-6738

International Pet Registry – 844-477-7387

Microchip I.D. Solutions – 800-434-2843

Nanochip ID Inc. – 855-434-2447

National Animal Identification Center – 800-647-6761

Peeva – 833-733-8226

PetKey – 734-600-3463

PetLink – 877-738-5465

Petstablished – 855-684-3184 ext 3

Save This Life – 855-777-2447

SmartTag Microchip – 866-603-6863

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What are Cat Cafés?

What are Cat Cafés?

Cat cafés have become increasingly popular recently where people are willing to interact and play with cats.

What are cat cafés and where did the concept start?

A cat café is a themed café where customers can enjoy drinks and light snacks while spending time with resident cats.

These establishments often have multiple cats that customers can pet, play with, or simply observe while they relax.

Here are a few key things to know about cat cafés.

cat cafés

The world’s first cat café, “Cat Flower Garden,” opened in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1998.

The concept then spread to Japan, where it became popular due to space constraints in many urban apartments that made pet ownership challenging.

From Japan, the idea has since spread to various parts of the world.

Cat cafés provide relaxation and enjoyment for cat lovers who may not have the opportunity to own a cat.

Many cat cafes serve a dual purpose as adoption hubs.

They often partner with local shelters, giving the cats a comfortable living environment while increasing their chances of finding a forever home.

These cafés often have specific rules for visitors.

The rules are to ensure the safety and well-being of the cats, such as washing hands before entering the cat area, not picking up cats without permission, not waking sleeping cats, and so on.

cat cafe

Cats need a hiding place.

Anyone who has lived with a cat will know that they like to go missing from time to time.

That escape provides them with a little alone time for sleeping and just removing themselves from any stressful situation.

That’s harder to achieve in a busy café setting.

The primary objective of cat cafés should be to create a safe, stimulating environment for the cats.

They often have toys, climbing structures, and cozy spots for the cats to lounge and play.

cat cafe

At cat cafés, cats are given an environment that closely resembles a home.

Regular interactions with various visitors help these cats grow more sociable, making them less likely to hide when new people are around.

Cat cafés can raise awareness about animal welfare and promote adoptions.

A socializing environment for the cats can be beneficial for their mental health.

Some cat cafés charge an hourly fee, while others might have a cover charge.

Some might operate like typical cafés where you can order food and drinks, while the cat interaction is an added benefit.

Legal Documents Needed by a Cat Café

Operating a cat café is a distinctive undertaking requiring a range of legal paperwork.

The need for specific documents varies based on the jurisdiction, with some being legally required and others being recommended best practices and welfare of the cats.

A business license is an official document which permits the owner to lawfully run a cat café within their specific region.

Depending on the locale, a specialized license might be needed for this type of business.

Some regions mandate an animal care license for businesses involving animals, such as cat cafés.

Every business needs protocols ensuring the safety and health of both customers and staff.

Cat cafés are no exception and should have clear procedures and required safety equipment.

Appropriate insurance is crucial for cat cafés, including general liability and specific animal-related coverage.

A food service license, typically from local health authorities, is likely required if food and beverages are offered in the cat café.

Protocols emphasizing the cats’ well-being should be in place which covers aspects such as nutrition, hygiene, and medical care.

A comprehensive contract detailing the adoption conditions, procedures, and any related costs is a must for cafés facilitating cat adoptions.

Not All Pet Cafes are Created Equal

There will always be people who will want to make money at any cost, including animal welfare. I’m not talking about those people.

Check out animal shelters in your area and find out if they partner with a particular cat café.

Cat cafés offer numerous advantages for cats, especially those in foster homes.

They also play a significant role in rescuing cats.

By creating more room in a shelter, they allow for the accommodation of more cats, contributing to the salvation of countless lives.

The extended interaction with cats at a cat café enables staff and volunteers to deeply understand each cat’s unique personality.

This insight is invaluable in pairing cats with the ideal adoptive family, ensuring a better match and smoother transition.

Some cats require extra attention due to trust issues, the need for socialization, or other challenges.

When cat cafés focus on hosting adoptable and human-friendly cats, it allows specialized foster homes to dedicate their attention to cats with specific needs.

Cattitude Cat Café in Vero Beach, FL

Relaxing at the Vero Cattitude Cat Café

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Cattitude Cat Café in Vero Beach, Florida.

Cattitude Cat Café offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere where guests can mingle with adoptable cats while indulging in refreshments and treats.

Their cafe features a varying lineup of feline friends from nearby shelters, awaiting their forever homes.

Cat Cafés

While many of their cats are available for adoption, a few are permanent Cattitude residents.

They hope for adoptions, but don’t always expect it.

Their main aim is to offer these cats a chance to receive love and care, something they might miss out on in a shelter.

If you’re interested in visiting a cat café, it’s always a good idea to check online reviews and perhaps make a reservation.

They can be quite popular, especially in urban areas.

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My Book Launch for Maddie and Jasmine

My Book Launch for Maddie and Jasmine

An author will become very excited on book launch day.

That’s the day the author’s masterpiece will be available to the public for purchase.

I was no exception.

My book, Maddie and Jasmine, was released on June 27, 2023.

And yes, I was very excited.

The anticipation of becoming a best-selling author was intense at times.

Preparation for the big day is the key.

The day before the launch, I sent out emails asking that people purchase my book on June 27, rather than earlier, because sales on that day would count toward my best-selling author status.

The day of the launch, I sent out additional emails to remind readers to purchase my book on that day.

The response was unbelievable!

At 12:45 P.M. on Tuesday, June 27, I received the following email from the publisher: “I am so thrilled to share with you that Maddie and Jasmine is officially an International Bestseller!!! The book has hit bestseller in both USA and Canada and is currently ranking also in the UK.”

Words can’t even describe how I felt.

My friends, and readers I don’t know personally, came through for me.

The last update from the publisher came at 1:33 A.M. Wednesday morning, June 28.

The publisher watched the rankings for 24 hours.

Additionally, I was interviewed on a podcast by Laura Lee Kenny on Wednesday of this week and Vladimira Kuna on Friday.

It’s been quite the whirlwind week but fun and exciting.

I can hardly wait until I do my first, live book signing!

Last posting I discussed the importance of children’s books and stories.

I shared one of my stories with you, Ava’s Incredible Gift, that appeared in the Humane Society of St. Lucie County newsletter.

I’m going to share a couple of other stories I wrote for children which also appeared in HSSLC’s newsletters.

I’m not going to reveal the entire story, but I will leave you with a few questions for you to think about.

Sweet Spot
Sherry Dunn

The Wildcats were having team auditions for the upcoming Little League baseball season.

Jenny was first up to bat. She didn’t make the team last year. This year she was determined.

She focused on the pitcher now and avoided the boys’ angry looks at the only girl trying out.

Jenny hit the ball and it sailed over the fence.

The boys’ mouths opened, then closed.

Jenny grinned. She had trained hard during the off-season. Now she could bat, make long throws, field ground balls, and throw to first base. She could even steal bases. Sure, she was a girl, but she was a girl who was ready.

Jenny noticed a boy in a wheelchair on the sidelines. He had played last season. He seemed to be looking for something instead of focusing on the tryouts.

“Good job, everyone,” said Coach. He patted a few boys on the shoulder. “Results will come out tomorrow.”

Jenny was the last to leave the baseball field. She smiled again when she relived her performance. She yawned and stretched as she turned to go. She looked around, but the boy from last season was gone.

The grass against the fence rustled. A cat wandered out onto the infield and greeted Jenny with a loud meow.

Maddie and JasmineShe quizzed the cat. “Are you lost?”

“Meow,” said the cat, as if it understood the question. It stretched out one paw then the other, nails extending and then retracting. It rubbed its head against Jenny’s leg.

Who was the boy in the wheelchair?
What do you think Jenny did with the cat, or did she do anything?
What was the cat doing out on the baseball field?
Did Jenny make the team?

These are questions kids might ask.

Shelby Gets a Cat
Sherry Dunn

Shelby sat on the front porch of her playhouse with her new book and looked up at the beautiful clouds. She always saw something fantastic in their shapes.

Today a cloud looked like a cat. Shelby wanted a cat. Mom told her she could have a cat when she was a bit older. “Having a pet is a big responsibility,” said Mom.

How could Shelby ever show Mom she was responsible?

Shelby started reading her book. She saw something move. It was a gray cat she didn’t recognize coming out of the bushes.

Maddie and Jasmine

The cat looked lost and hungry even though it was wearing a collar with tags. That cat belongs to someone, but it must be lost.

Shelby walked closer but the cat ran back into the bushes.

Shelby saw the cat again the next morning. She put down a bowl of water near her playhouse. She remembered that milk is not good for cats. Water is better. Shelby sat on her playhouse porch and watched. If she could only get close enough to see the cat’s collar.

The cat came to the water bowl and gulped down the water. The cat kept an eye on Shelby.

“You must be thirsty,” Shelby said in a low, soft voice. “I’ll get you some more.” As Shelby got close to the bowl, the cat darted away.

Shelby put down another bowl of water, closer to the playhouse porch this time.

The cat watched from the bushes.

That evening Shelby saw the cat return to the water bowl. “I bet you’re thirsty and hungry.”

Shelby saved some simple, cooked chicken from her dinner plate, added a little, boiled rice to the chicken pieces, and took it to the cat. She sat on the playhouse porch to watch. She had a pencil and paper with her in case she saw a name or phone number on the cat’s collar.

The cat devoured the food, then walked over to the bushes.

Next morning, Shelby saw the cat sitting by the water bowl.

Does Shelby ever catch the cat?

Does Shelby appear to show she is responsible?

Does she ever find out who the owner is?

How can Shelby convince her mom that she can take care of a cat?

Again, these are questions a child might ask when reading the story.

Are you, as the reader, intrigued as to what happens in each story?

Books and stories can get children ready for various stages of life.

Books and stories require a child to think.

Books and stories help guide children to do what’s right.

Books and stories not only provide answers but also generate questions.

The Book Launch

The Book

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hey, I hope you had a great holiday.

I sure did.

I want you to know that I am taking a brief vacation this week to relax a bit.

Look for me back next Friday in 2023 with a new post.

I’d like to thank you for reading my blog in 2022.

I have some great ideas for 2023 and can hardly wait to get started.

Thank you for your following.

Here’s to a most Happy New Year!

~ Sherry Dunn

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Holiday Gift Ideas – Animal Shelters

Holiday Gift Ideas – Animal Shelters

I spotlight an animal shelter/rescue/sanctuary here at sherrydunn.com once a month.

All shelters I review are registered 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.

This means all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Giving Tuesday, The National Day of Giving, is on November 29.

If you haven’t decided on a charity, animal shelters can always use financial support.

To refresh your memory, the shelters in the spotlight since January 2022 are as follows:

January 2022 – Mutts Gone Nuts

This is not your typical shelter, but it is unique.

They adopt!

Mutts Gone Nuts consists of nine amazing mutts, or discarded dogs, performing in a 75-minute canine extravaganza entertaining audiences with their incredible talent.

Rescue dogs are known for being fiercely loyal and no one knows this better than Scott and Jane Houghton, the duo who adopted their first rescue dog in 1996 and began fostering dogs for a local rescue group in Tennessee.

Prior to the Houghtons’ first adoption, they performed in various theatre productions for many years but reinvented themselves as Mutts Gone Nuts.

The Houghtons are now owners of 10 amazing “secondhand dogs”, all rescues.

They also added Samantha Valle to their show who is one of the world’s top trainers and a spokesperson for animal rescue.

Mutts Gone Nuts performs at various venues throughout the country.

I suggest you bring out the kid in you if you have an opportunity to attend this performance.

Your kids will love it too!

It is wonderful fun.

You can support them by attending one of their shows.

The Mutts Gone Nuts website has a calendar of their upcoming events.

If you have family or friends in the area of one of their performances, tickets to this incredible show would make a great gift.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Sherry and Pixel

February 2022 – Star Gazing Farm

Many animal rescue facilities are 501(c)3 organizations, receiving money from charitable donations.

These facilities are committed to finding good homes for homeless dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. in their care.

However, there are also other, perhaps not as well known, animal shelter/rescue/sanctuary organizations.

One such facility I have supported for several years is Star Gazing Farm.

The farm is located on 4 acres of rolling hills in Boyds, Maryland.

All the animals are special.

The farm provides housing for chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, goats, alpacas, cows, pigs, horses, turkeys, and llamas.

All the animals are special.

Check out the Star Gazing Farm website at http://www.stargazingfarm.org/.

There is a lot to see.

Visit their online shop.

They have hand-crafted items that make wonderful gifts.

Every year they need to sheer their goats, sheep, and alpacas for their health.

They collect, sort, and wash the fleeces.

And ‘voila’, they make yarn.

You can also donate money or sponsor an animal.

Kids love that.

animal shelter

March 2022 – The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast

The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast (HSTC), Inc., is a no kill, nonprofit, shelter for animals, in Stuart, FL.

HSTC accepts animals regardless of health, age, temperament or breed.

The shelter provides quality medical care, shelter, and enrichment to animals in need.

In addition to cats and dogs, HSTC has many adoptable bunnies who need forever homes.

They also have many events throughout the year.

Bunfest is an HSTC annual event and is the largest event dedicated to rabbits and guinea pigs in the Southeast United States and it is incredible.

This event combines interactive activities for critters (and their people) in a fun and spirited atmosphere.

Proceeds raised help support cleaning, feeding, grooming, and caring for the HSTC shelter critters.

In my March HSTC post, I featured two adoptable bunnies, Destin and Marshmallow at their facility.

Two days after my blog post, both bunnies were adopted.

Wonderful news!

animal shelter

animal shelter

April 2022 – Dogs And Cats Forever Animal Sanctuary

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. was organized in 1988 for the purpose of building and maintaining a shelter for homeless dogs and cats of the Treasure Coast.

As with all dedicated shelters, this shelter is committed to finding good, adoptable and loving homes for their animals.

I am many things.

To name a few, I am a children’s author and animal rescue advocate.

I am a shelter pet owner.

I am also a Guardian Angel.

The Guardian Angel program at Dogs and Cats Forever permits individuals, groups and businesses to prepay the adoption fee of one (or more) of the cats or kittens up for adoption.

I have been donating money to the Guardian Angel program for several years.

I usually ask that my contribution goes to older cats so that they can live out their lives in a forever home.

Paid adoption fees help homeless cats find their new family.

This donation could be a great holiday gift to someone or in memory of someone and would help a shelter pet.

I donated a special cat outbuilding for the Dogs and Cats Forever Feline Leukemia Care Center in memory of my mom, Normandee Ludwig.

The shelter received a special building and I have a nice reminder of my mom when I visit the shelter.

You can do the same thing with gifts in memory of someone.

A simple card will do it.

Dogs at this shelter also have special programs.

Check them out at dogsandcatsforever.com for additional information.

May 2022 – Caring Fields Felines

Caring Fields Felines (CFF), in Palm City, Florida, was the shelter spotlight for May.

I had the pleasure of visiting this caring facility several times.

Pauline Glover and her hardworking staff of volunteers always greets visitors with a smile.

And the cats will make your smile wider.

This shelter cares for close to 168 cats and provides free-roaming campgrounds, with fenced enclosures, where cats can be themselves.

Each enclosure has a “cat cottage” which allows the cats to come and go as they please.

Giving Tuesday is just around the corner on November 29.

There are many ways to give…your time, your talent, your treasure…they need all 3 and not just on November 29th!

Here are some ideas:


  • Join CFF for a 3-hour shift once a week to clean cottages, feed their residents, do laundry, or socialize frightened or overwhelmed newcomers.


  • Become a foster parent. They provide everything you need…all you have to provide is a safe, loving place for wee kittens to become hearty enough for their spay/neuter surgeries in anticipation of their adoptions to forever homes. Homes for ALL of them, so set aside your fear that you will “want to keep them.” CFF’s foster coordinators are expert at guiding you through the process and helping you separate when the time comes. The more foster families they have, the more homeless or orphaned kittens they can bring in.



  • There is no limit to their need for talent! Graphic design? Yes!  Facebook? Yes!


  • Instagram? Yes! Tik Tok? Yes! Fundraising ideas and execution? Yes! Carpentry? Yes!

Painting? Yes! The list is endless…


  • CFF receives no public or government money and must rely solely on the generosity of their supporters to underwrite the work they do. EVERY donation, no matter its size, is a vote of confidence in their mission and the manner which they carry it out. There are many ways to donate:
  • Website: cffelines.org
  • Facebook page: Caring Fields Felines Palm City
  • Mail: Caring Fields Felines
    6807 SW Wedelia Terrace, Palm City, FL 34990
  • Or, consider becoming a member of the Cat-A-List team by making a recurring, monthly donation!


CFF has a variety of programs to help their homeless feline residents. You can help the cats by adopting.

Kittens, cats, and senior cats are available.

These cats are looking for a cozy lap in a forever home and you might find that one special cat that touches your heart.

A fuzzy, wuzzy cat or kitten would make an incredible holiday gift for your family and for the adopted feline.

If you just can’t have a cat, sponsoring can make a big difference.

You can become a monthly or annual sponsor.

You can donate money and send a holiday card to someone letting them know their gift from you is a donation in their name to the shelter.

Sherry handing out treats as a cat cottage

June 2022 – The Humane Society of St. Lucie County

The Humane Society of St. Lucie County (HSSLC) was the spotlight for June.

This was a great blog post to write.

This shelter is proudly under new management and leadership since October 2019 and they are an official no-kill shelter with the goal of finding good, safe, and loving homes for all animals in their care.

Each year, HSSLC rescues, cares for, or re-homes over 5,000 animals in their community.

The care and love provided to the homeless animals under their safe keeping is incredible, not to mention heartwarming.

I have personally seen them in action when they don’t know I’m looking.

The power of donations was evident this past summer.

HSSLC was in desperate need of donations to keep their shelter dogs cool.

There was no AC in the dog kennels.

The dogs were sitting in their kennels waiting for someone to adopt them.

The temperature easily reached over 90 degrees in Florida heat.

Fans were used to help circulate the air, but they needed to do better.

They asked for help and genuinely appreciated ANY amount people were able to give.

They needed $45,000. and they had three months to raise it.

Many generous people stepped up and HSSLC raised $52,852.57, over and above the $45,000 (117%).

AC Unlimited installed the AC, gave the shelter a discount, and gave them three months to fundraise the money.

Now that’s what I call the power of donations!

And a great holiday gift idea.

For the first time at HSSLC, their dogs had air conditioning.

I was honored to be asked out to the shelter to feel the cool kennels.

The dogs were loving it.

The power of adoptions is so wonderful to a shelter dog.

Harley was in the spotlight in my June blog.

Harley is approximately 5 years old and is a stunning American Staffordshire Terrier mix.

She was found lost and wandering the lonely streets in Port St. Lucie until she was brought to the HSSLC.

And guess what?

She has been adopted!

animal shelter


Congratulations, and thank you to her new “forever home” adopters!

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that beautiful, smiling face each morning?

And let’s not forget about the cats at HSSLC.

The shelter always has a cat of the month on their website.

They have a great cat playroom for visits with the cats.

animal shelter

Izzy, HSSLC November Cat of the Month

July 2022 – Nala’s New Life Rescue

Nala’s New Life Rescue, my spotlight animal shelter for the month of July has been saving dogs for years who have no other hope.

Nala’s New Life Rescue is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, no-kill shelter dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats that have been abused, abandoned, forgotten, or rejected.

Their “no-kill policy” saves cats and dogs in need of rescue regardless of age, breed, or health issues.

The entire team at Nala’s is dedicated to finding the best family possible for each animal under their care.

In addition, Nala’s New Life Rescue specializes in saving unwanted dogs (and cats) from kill shelters all over Florida who would otherwise be euthanized.

This shelter pays to pull the dogs to safety and covers all medical and transportation expenses.

Donations of money are always great gifts to shelters.

Many shelters have decorated trees in their lobbies and people bring in food, toys, etc. for the shelter pets and place them under the tree.

Nala’s New Life Rescue asks that you donate and help their cause.

Financial support helps the many animals they see and care for each year.

“Help Feed the Dogs” is one way to support this shelter.

They even give you food suggestions, which is great.

Animals tolerate some foods better than others which also happens with humans.

Their suggestions are as follows.

Costco has cost-effective, good quality food:

• 40 lbs for $34.99 in-store ($10 more online).

• Box of biscuits $12.00.

• A case of canned food $24.00.

• A bag of kibble $40.00

If you prefer to order online, they suggest an order from Chewy’s brand, American Journey.

The canned food is well-loved by their dogs.

Message them for the delivery address.

For more information about Nala’s New Life Rescue and their shelter, check out their website or call for an appointment to visit.

Their website has the most adorable photos of dogs available for adoption.

Testimonials from adoption owners and staff are also available on the website, nalasrescue.org.

August 2022 – For The Love of Paws Senior Pet Sanctuary, Inc.

I never get tired of researching, visiting, and writing about the various animal shelters/rescues/sanctuaries.

I want my blog readers to be informed about how much good is out there helping homeless animals.

For The Love of Paws is an incredible pet sanctuary.

And what they do is unique.

They emphasize they are NOT a shelter.

They specifically deal with senior pets and senior citizens who are in a situation where they can no longer care for their pet or have passed away with no one to take their pet.

For The Love of Paws provides peace of mind to senior citizens who can no longer care for their pet(s) due to being placed into hospice, memory care, assisted living, nursing home, or are undergoing a medical issue and temporarily can’t care for their pet(s) due to extended rehabilitation. Incredible!

In addition to providing people food pantries with pet food, the sanctuary operates two mobile pet food pantries to help those in need with pets.

Why? For The Love of Paws has a motto, “Because everyone in the family matters!”

animal shelter

animal shelter

This sanctuary maintains their 5-acre country farm for the benefit of their rescues and fosters for as long as they can maintain a pet’s life.

Work is still being performed and the sanctuary will be cageless.

After which time, they provide a proper, respectful, and loving end of life and are surrounded by love as they pass over the Rainbow Bridge.

For The Love of Paws is an approved IRS 501 (c)(3) tax exempt charity.

It’s comforting to know that this sanctuary provides peace of mind to senior citizens who can no longer care for their pets.

This sanctuary also provides meals on wheels to the animals of individuals who are struggling to feed their pets.

How about taking a look at this incredibly, unique sanctuary at [email protected].

For The Love of Paws just keeps on giving.

animal shelter

Love Of Paws, a Partner Agency with the Treasure Coast Food Bank picking up our allotment of 37, 40 pound Food Boxes and 37 5lb block of cheese for our Low Income County Senior Citizens. “Having a Pet is not a requirement, but all of our clients HAVE PETS, so it’s a win win program for us to be able to provide a 40-pound box of basic food and cheese to many of our Senior Citizens.”

October 2022 – Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Founded in 2008, BDRR is the largest cage-free, NO-KILL dog rescue in the United States located in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida.

They now have the ability to double their rescue efforts with the acquisition of 100+ acres in Shorter, Alabama.

Since 2008, BDRR has saved the lives of more than 50,000 dogs.

Their mission is to save 5,000 dogs every year, to heal and place them with loving families and to educate people about the proper care for dogs and the importance of spaying and neutering.

BDRR rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes furry friends on their 33-acre campus in Loxahatchee, FL.

A few ways you can support Big Dog Ranch Rescue this Giving Tuesday are as follows:

• $25,000 Pet Boarding Bunkhouse – Kennel Naming and Artwork Design Rights. Construction of this four-wing bunkhouse begins in late 2022.

• $10,000 – Sponsor A Veteran Service Dog. The BDRR Veteran Service Dog Training Program matches service dogs with deserving veterans in our community, 100% free to the veteran.

• $10,000 – Fund A Life-Saving Rescue Mission. Your $10,000 will cover everything from the transportation, fuel, and staffing, to food, supplies, and boarding for up to 20 dogs in need.

• $5,000 – Fund An Orthopedic Surgery. A generous $5,000 donation will give an injured dog a second chance at a full and mobile life by covering the surgery and rehabilitation costs!

• $2,500 – Save A Mother and Her Puppies. A generous $2,500 donation will cover the rescue and care costs for a mother and her pups, and give them a second chance at a full and happy life!

• $1,000 – Heartworm Treatment. A generous $1,000 donation will cover the cost of 3 life-saving heartworm treatments! Each year, BDRR rescues more than 500 heartworm-positive dogs, and this donation will allow us to save and treat even MORE of these deserving pups!

• $500 – Sponsor A Spay/Neuter Surgery. In the past year, BDRR has performed 2,701 spay and neuter surgeries. A spay or neuter surgery allows BDRR to allocate more funds towards rescue missions and save even MORE dogs in 2023!

• Donate to BDRR Rescue Fund. For as low as $5, one can support rescue efforts at Big Dog Ranch Rescue! From food, treats, and toys to medical costs, transportation, and boarding, your donation will make a direct impact on the life of a BDRR rescue dog!

animal shelter

If any of these donation categories interest you, go to BDRR website at bdrr.org.

November 2022 – Save the Chimps Sanctuary

Save the Chimps is one of the largest chimpanzee sanctuaries in the world and house more than 220 chimpanzees.

The sanctuary is in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

Their mission is to provide refuge and outstanding care to chimpanzees in need.

Save the Chimps offers life-long care for chimpanzees rescued from research laboratories, the pet trade, and entertainment industry.

Chimpanzees deserve to live free from exploitation and endangerment is their core belief.

Wondering what to give a child or grandchild for a holiday gift?

How about symbolically adopting a chimp?

Your annual adoption helps the sanctuary maintain your chimp’s beautiful island home and provide the many enrichment toys and activities that fulfill their lives.

What do you give someone who has everything?

You can quit taxing your brain.

Adopting a chimp or chimp family of your choosing makes the perfect unique gift for a friend or loved one for any occasion!

Save the Chimps made a commitment to care for these chimpanzees for the rest of their lives.

Your one-time or recurring donation will help the sanctuary provide them with the dignified retirement they deserve including nutritious food, individualized medical care, engaging enrichment, and maintenance of their home.

Many people are unaware of Save the Chimps and the good that they do.

Check out their website at savethechimps.org or on all social media @savethechimps.

Check out their history.

Please visit their donation page online.

They also have a wish list which has needed enrichment items, household items, facility needs/capital equipment, and toys.

Save the Chimps is closed to the public except for Member Days, Chimpathon, their annual Caregiver Society event, or tours by invitation only.

Save the Chimps is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

As with most rescue facilities or sanctuaries, the greatest need is always money.

No donation amount is too small.

Save the Chimps does not currently receive government funding.

On December 10, 2022, I will be attending Holiday with the Chimps!

I am so excited!

We will ring in the holidays at Save the Chimps!

We will tour their lush 150-acre sanctuary and visit one of the 12 chimp islands for a truly wild holiday party.

We will be able to watch the great apes rip open presents, circle a festive tree, feast on special foods, and serenade each other – and our group – with a cacophony of unforgettable sounds.

After our tour, we can chat with their primatologist and staff about chimp communication, care, their unique abilities, and the state of chimpanzee conservation.

animal shelter

I hope this summary of shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries sparks an idea of holiday gifts (or at any time of year) you can give to others while helping animal organizations do what they need to do and do best.

That is a perfect “twofer”.

You may have another animal shelter, rescue, or sanctuary in mind to support.


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