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Pet Medical Insurance: Is It Worth the Money? — 3 Comments

  1. I have an energetic, live life to the fullest, Dachshund. My vet recommended I invest in pet insurance. Cody, my 11 pound mini Dachshund, has found many creative ways to get up on my counter, and munch on bad things; chocolate, raisins, pizza dough. I do my best to prevent these happenings, because I love him deeply. But he’s a sly fellow. We have become regulars at Pet Emergency. Cody also has IVDD, a degenerative disease common for Dachshunds. My pet insurance, Embrace, has saved me thousands of dollars in medical bills. Plus, I don’t think about medical costs when Cody has an issue. I know Embrace has my back. I will never adopt another animal without getting insurance. Totally worth it!