You’ve just adopted a shelter pet.

You’ve made a first trip to the vet because caring for your animal is very important.

After all, the new pet is now a family member.

And what if your pet gets sick or injured?

Hopefully, that won’t happen.

But what if it does?

Is Pet Insurance Worth the Money?

Every pet owner should consider pet insurance.

Pet insurance could still save you thousands of dollars, especially if you have multiple pets.

I had three cats.

They came from a shelter, and I had them for eighteen years.

They were all healthy up until the last two years of their lives.

Then their health started to decline.

The first cat to go to the Rainbow Bridge was Marnie.

She was twenty.

I did not have pet insurance, but it would have been a good idea.

Getting pet insurance is up to you.

The best person to talk with is your veterinarian who can give you advice.

After that advice, do your research.

A couple of companies that have medical insurance for your pet are as follows:


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Pet insurance is definitely something to think about.