Skipper – A Dog’s Tale

by Caroline Mitchell, Contributing Editor

This month I interviewed Marcy Burford,

She is a veterinary technician at my mom’s animal hospital.

She has two amazing rescue dogs.

One of them is Skipper, a five year old Golden Retriever that is very unique and talented in many ways! 

Marcy got Skipper because she worked at Furry Friends rescue at the time.

When Marcy first thought she was going to adopt him, he was six months old.

But then, his owners decided to keep him.

About four months later, the owners decided that his medical issues were too much of a handful, so they called Marcy and she got Skipper!dog's tale

His most special feature is being born with a birth defect on his front right foot, so he wears a prosthetic leg!

Having a prosthetic leg doesn’t stop him from doing things he loves!

The thing that Skipper loves most is being a therapy dog.

His favorite thing to do is to go help children who struggle with their reading skills.

He will go and sit down with children as they read so they can just sit, read, and pet him!

Skipper has talents that are very interesting!

He teaches kittens from early on learn how to play with dogs, and trust dogs.

Skipper was chosen because there was something very special about him.

When Skipper and Marcy first met, it was love at first sight!

Everyone who meets Skipper instantly falls in love with him too.

Just looking at him makes you smile. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this dog’s tale of the amazing Skipper!

About Caroline Mitchell

dog rescue story - TingCaroline Mitchell is 11 years old. She has two sisters, Amelia and Julia. Caroline loves animals and writing about them! She has 3 rescue dogs, 1 bird, a lizard and a fish!

Caroline’s favorite sports are kitesurfing, standup paddle boarding, golf and volleyball. She loves to go to the beach, surf, swim, and play.

Caroline has self-published 13 books about many different things. She also enjoys writing poems for people’s birthday, or a holiday. Her favorite thing to write about is animals that are adventurous. Most of her stories are about all kinds of animals.

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