Big Dog Autobiography – Call Me Annie

Big Dog Autobiography – Call Me Annie

by Caroline Mitchell, Contributing Editor


Call me Annie, I am a rescue dog!

This is my big dog autobiography.

I will tell you my rescue story, but first, I would love to share a little bit about myself now.

I live in New York state.

I love the weather in the summertime because I can go outside and play!

I am not a huge fan of New York in the winter time, because snow is deep, and sticky.

I love chasing tennis balls and when I play in the snow, I lose the ball!

I spend some winters in Florida where I get to walk on the beach.

Now that you know a little bit about me, I will tell you my story.

Three years ago I was in the back of a pickup truck because my owners were not interested in me anymore.

They used me as a bait dog in their dog fights, and I wasn’t doing a good job fighting back.

I was dumped out of the truck!

Man, that hurt!

I bruised my leg, and it really hurt to walk!

I was scared!

I kept thinking about what would happen next.

Luckily, a person was driving behind the pickup truck.

She picked me up and brought me to her house!

She gave me some food, water and a clean bed for the night.

She took me to the vet the next day to get shots, which I hated, and an x-ray of my leg.

This doctor named Bonnie let me lick cheese off the wall which made my day!

She sent me home with medicine to make my leg feel better.

Later that week, my owner thought my leg was all better so she let me run outside!

I love running, so that was awesome!

I felt like eating, but my owner gave me canned dog food.

I was getting bored with canned dog food, so I thought it would be a good idea to find something else.

I walked around to see if I could find anything appetizing.

I heard squawking so I followed the sound.

I found chickens!

I love to chase things, so I had a bright idea to chase them, and then eat them.

After I ate a few chickens, I heard another loud sound.

Oh, no, the neighbor yelled at me!

She called the police and they took me to jail!

It all happened so fast.

I sat in a cage watching people look at other dogs and ignore me.

I thought about how nice Bonnie was to give me cheese.

They gave me more shots, and took me to surgery to get spayed.

I was still drowsy from surgery when I saw Bonnie outside with three girls and another woman!

That was crazy!

How did this happen?

She came in and walked past me to the front desk!

The woman she was with took me out of my cage and pet me nonstop.

Three girls, Bonnie, Bonnie’s husband, and a woman named Janet were all over me!

Janet took me home.

big dog autobiography

Annie and Virginia

At that time I knew that I could finally truthfully say… Home.

Now my life is great.

I live in New York part time, and I live in Florida part time.

When I go to Florida, I get to say hi to Dr Bonnie and her three girls all the time.

About Caroline Mitchell
Caroline Mitchell and TingCaroline Mitchell is 12 years old. She has two sisters, Amelia and Julia. Caroline loves animals and writing about them! She has 3 rescue dogs, 1 bird, a lizard and a fish!

Caroline’s favorite sports are kitesurfing, standup paddle boarding, golf and volleyball. She loves to go to the beach, surf, swim, and play.

Caroline has self-published 13 books about many different things. She also enjoys writing poems for people’s birthday, or a holiday. Her favorite thing to write about is animals that are adventurous. Most of her stories are about all kinds of animals.

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