Forever Home by Cathy Stenquist – Picture Book Review

Forever Home by Cathy Stenquist – Picture Book Review

Forever Home is another wonderful, true story of animal rescue and the subsequent adoption of two barn kittens.

This is a fun read with great rhyme patterns.

It is easy to read out loud.

Children will love this book.

The illustrations are so cute.

The illustrator perfectly captured the antics and personality of kittens.

Anyone who has ever owned or been around kittens can relate.

Kids will want this book read to them, or read it themselves, many times.

And what’s not to love about kittens?

The book is an 8.5 x 11 hardback book.

It is well constructed and loaded with many colorful illustrations.

The first two pages of the book give copyright information and book dedications.

I love the way these pages are set up.

Erica Leigh’ s illustrations weave through the information.

You want to stop and look at everything before moving on to the actual story.

The last page has “A Note from The Author” section giving specific information about the Baypath Humane Society shelter and the inspiration for writing the book.

There are also ideas about how you can help shelter animals.

I have mentioned a few of these ideas in past blogs, but they all bear repeating.

The title, Forever Home, is a bit of a spoiler alert because it gives the reader a hint as to the book’s perfect outcome.

That’s okay.

This is a page turner for kids.

The author gives the reader a reason to turn the page.

What will happen to the kittens?

The book cover shows a peaceful housing community at night and sets the tone for what is to come.

The kitten’s lives start out scary.

They are tiny runaways and find refuge in a barn.

Someone opens the barn door, sees the kittens, reassures them that they are okay, and feeds them.

They are put together in a small animal crate and taken to a shelter.

The shelter vet checks them out.

They get bathed and groomed.

Each day at the shelter they get stronger and stronger.

forever home

New animals come into the shelter every day.

The question is, when will these two kittens find their forever homes?

Visitors come to play with the kittens but make other choices.

The kittens feel alone.

Two kids visit the shelter on a subsequent day and look at the kittens, but they came for one cat.

Will this bonded pair be broken up or will they be adopted together?

Do they both get adopted or just one?

You need to get this book!

 You won’t regret it because it has a very satisfying ending.

Forever Home

About the Book

Title: Forever Home
Author: Cathy Stenquist
Illustrator: Erica Leigh
 Cathy Stenquist Books
ISBN-10: ‎ 1735768006
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1735768007
Available at

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