Deafinitely Awesome: The Story of Acorn (A Review)

Deafinitely Awesome: The Story of Acorn (A Review)

Reviewed by Sherry Dunn

Wait till you read this book!

At first Deafinitely Awesome: The Story of Acorn looks to be a children’s book.

And it is.

However, it is a true story, and its message is for both children and adults.

The book is an 8.5 x 11 paperback with 50 pages.

It is well constructed and loaded with many illustrations and information.

The interviewer, the interviewee, and the illustrator’s bios are on the back, outside cover.

All three individuals deal first-hand with animals and animal welfare organizations.

The title, Deafinitely Awesome, immediately lets the reader in on the plot of this incredible book.

The cover shows a very happy-looking puppy dog, Acorn.

His tongue is hanging out with toys and woodsy animals in the background.

Why is Acorn so happy?

His life did not start out well.

He was a sad, starving, orphaned puppy trying to make his way through a harsh world to find his mom.

It was a cold winter day.

The puppy sat down and cried.

He thought he would never find his mom.

Someone saw him and took him to a local animal shelter.

At the shelter he was no longer cold and hungry, but he was till scared.

He didn’t think anyone cared.

The people at the shelter named him Acorn because he was so tiny.

Acorn’s behavior was out of control at the shelter.

He never listened and he banged his water bowl against the walls of his cage.

He was adorable but no one wanted to adopt him because he wouldn’t listen.

A volunteer at the shelter, Mary, took Acorn home for one night to give the puppy a break from the shelter.

What Mary discovered changed both their lives forever.


Such a great ending.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a true story.

The last page in the book shows photos of Acorn enjoying his new life.

Does he ever find his Mom?

You will ‘deafinitely’ have to read this book to find out.

You won’t be disappointed.

deafinitely awesome

Title: Deafinitely Awesome: The Story of Acorn
Author: Timy Sullivan as told by Mary L. Motley
Illustrator: Jenny Campbell
Publisher: DEAFinitely Awesome
ISBN-10: ‎ 1733668500
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1733668507
Available at

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